#STOWXMAS is a new initiative to help identify businesses in Walthamstow and create a Christmas Shop Local event this December.

'In the run up to Christmas 2016, we want to produce a guide to encourage Walthamstow to buy christmas presents and treats locally and support our local traders. With the help of local MP Stella Creasy and the We17 campaigners, we've brought together a group of designers and local business people to create a local map where you can find fantastic gifts around Walthamstow - this will be distributed for free around our community throughout the area and online. This short survey is to help inform the production of this map. Please respond by 11 November 2016. If you have any further questions about this project or want to help please contact Stella on stella@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk
Join up and help promote local businesses & supporting the local economy.
What's your full name? *

Where's about do you live {{answer_34617324}}? *

If you live in Walthamstow, what ward do you live in?

Select your Walthamstow ward from Chapel End, High Street, Higham Hill, Hoe Street,
Lea Bridge, Markhouse, William Morris & Wood Street

So you don't live in Walthamstow {{answer_34617324}}, where do you live?

For fun,  what three things do you like about Walthamstow?

These can just be words like "Friendly, Diverse, Welcoming"

or statements such as 

"A great place to do business, a great place for art, the independent shops etc."

Wood Street Walls will use this info to create a new mural next to Blackhorse Road.on Sutherland Road, opposite Blackhorse Workshop.
Do you own or work in a local business in Walthamstow?

Would you recommend your business or another local business to be part of a Walthamstow Shop Local Directory? *

Would you like to register your interest to be one of the 100 businesses on our first #STOWXMAS map? *

We will shortly contact those who are included to let them know the next stage.
Please add the business you'd like to add below:

Please give us the name of this business, a short description of the items you sell and the public contact details and opening hours for how residents can contact you.
As a business owner, would you pay a small registration fee to be in a local directory and/or a map of the local area to promote the local economy?

Any other comments you'd like add?

Thanks for registering for #STOWXMAS {{answer_34617324}}! 

We'll be sure to send you all the latest updates as and when they become available & how you can get involved. 

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