Wood Street Walls and Amal, A Said Foundation Project - are delighted to announce Zarah Hussain as the artist to participate in this year's Pick Your Pattern project.
We are delighted that the Mughal family have donated their wall, based off Walthamstow Market on Vernon Road and will be the canvas that Zarah will place her new artwork which will be decided by you, the local community.
What's your full name? *

Hello {{answer_wPiO}}! What artwork would you like to see painted on the wall just off Walthamstow Market? *

Ah sorry we don't have that one. So what other job or interest do you have?

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So you don't live in Waltham Forest - where abouts are you from {{answer_wPiO}}?

Are you?

What is your profession?

What is your ethnic group?

Are there  any other comments you'd like add?

What groups, if any would you like like to learn more about?

Would you like to be contacted by Amal, to hear your thoughts, once the mural goes up?

Would you like a wall in the community?

That's great! Please provide as much information as you can below.

Please provide full details i.e. if you're the wall owner, the postcode and if possible the Google Maps location.
Thank you for your vote for Wood Street Walls and Zarah Hussain's collaboration with AMAL.
We'll be sure to send you all the latest updates as and when they become available and will let you know how to get involved.

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