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We are delighted to announce that REMI ROUGH, a fantastic abstract artist, will be painting our first wall in Maryland.
 The wall is at local business, Teddy’s Tyres, located on the corner of Leytonstone Road and Maryland Road. Mural Land will be repairing the wall, painting a large-scale vibrant mural, and creating personalised hand painted signage for Teddy’s Tyres.

We have worked closely with Friends of Maryland to select an artist and develop design options that suit the local area.
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The winning artwork will be painted this spring.

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On behalf of the Mural Land project, THANK YOU for helping us choose the final design for Teddy’s Tyres. The winning mural design, selected by everyone that takes part in the vote, will be announced in May before we start painting! Please spread the word by using the links below
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